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Our Podcast

Our Podcast


Feel free to listen to our podcast from SDB from Locating. Analyzing. Investing- All about real estate investments abroad

The podcast will provide you with practical tools from the field, through practical examples of transactions made in the field and conclusions from over 16 years of experience in real estate investments around the world. In each chapter we discuss the real estate issue in depth,

Episode 1
Our Story
From an apartment in Beersheba to a global real estate empire, we begin an exciting journey in which we will take a step apart everything you need to know about real estate abroad, and this time - a little about us, how we started
Episode 2
Offices, Tourism or Commerce
What are the differences between real estate investment channels? Diving deep into the world of real estate investments and explaining the differences between the different investment channels
Episode 3
That's how you price a deal
How do I locate and analyze a real estate transaction abroad? And why can't we build on a price increase?
Episode 4
Effective management of a real estate project
How do you actively and effectively manage a real estate project abroad?
Episode 5
Looking for a partner
What is a local partner in a real estate project and how do you choose it?
Episode 6
An exit deal
What is an exit deal and what can be defined as a successful exit?
Episode 7
Deal gone wrong
The deal gone wrong and how we managed it
Episode 8
The Corona and Changes in the Real Estate Market
What changes has the coronavirus made in the large real estate markets?
Episode 9
UK as an investment destination
How did England become the next destination for overseas real estate investments?
Episode 10
Real Estate Market in 2022
What will real estate markets look like in 2022?

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