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Collateral and Securities

Mechanism for Collateral and Legal Securities Utilized in Each and Every Project

Collateral and Securities

Asset ownership

Financing agreement (LOI) - Document listing the main terms of the loan given by the project's financier.

Escrow account - All funds paid by investors are deposited in an escrow account and used for financing the designated project alone, as instructed by the trustee and according to the terms of the investment agreement.

Investors enjoy payment precedence - Funds invested as well as profits are paid out to investors first and only then to the project's initiator.

Title company and insurance - Survey of an asset's legal status in order to ensure that it is free from any liens and encumbrances, an insurance policy covering the purchase payment.

Excess expenditure - A mechanism ensuring that any deviation from the business plan will be subject to SDB's approval and any excess expenditure will be covered by the initiator.

Asset's value - An appraisal prepared and signed by a licensed, local real estate property appraiser.

Buy out - Possibility for forcing sale of the property, at a predetermined rate of return.

Suitability assurance - In depth background checks of both initiator as well as project, done prior to any investment.

Quarterly report - Investors receive a quarterly report as to the project's progress.

How can I determine whether the Investment I'm considering is right for me?

SDB encourages investors to make fully informed decisions, for each and every project all the information we hold is made readily available to our investors, we also provide a detailed analysis of the proposed investment including a potential for gains as well as risks involved. This way each investor can make choices based on all relevant data.

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