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Our Method

SDB has developed a unique method for locating and executing real estate investments in any strategic regions, involving properties of all kinds and sizes.

At the heart of our method lies the group strength of people who contractually united to engage in a financial venture headed by a highly professional organization, all in order to make a joint investment in real estate situated in high demand areas.

SDB's investment method is based on 5 governing principals:


Securities and collateral collateral for investors provided by utilizing a mechanism of comprehensive legal instruments.


Making investments within short to medium time frames of 18-36 months


Raising initial capital from investors and the rest by way of a loan from a local bank.


Working with local partners possessing extensive diverse and well proven experience in real estate.


Focus on locating assets situated in prime locations and which possess high potential for betterment.

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A highly effective mechanism for identifying high potential real estate investment opportunities

SDB has put together an extremely effective mechanism designed to locate investment opportunities in handpicked target markets abroad. We work in close collaboration with local, long-term associates.

Routine operation includes a structured process of evaluation for each move and investment opportunity currently in the pipeline.

Only once a thorough due diligence process has been completed do we go on to raising capital from investors and moving the project forward keeping close track of its advancement according to the business plan laid out.

  • Careful, highly professional analysis of the proposed venture carried out by our analysis division.
  • Thorough background check into the nature and operations of proposed local associates.
  • Detailed appraisal from a leading local real estate appraisal company.
  • Drafting of a Comparison document signed by a licensed broker.
  • Inspection of the property by an SDB staff member.
  • Designing a comprehensive financial and legal envelope, including tax considerations.
  • Formulating a conservative business plan for each and every project.
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