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Our Story

Srulik Hanokh and Dan Liberman co-founders and managing partners in SDB investment company. Two childhood friends who began their business activity with a single apartment in Beer Sheva and are now managing thousands of apartments in various projects in Israel and abroad.

SDB’s Birth
Once their military service in the IDF was over Srulik and Dan made their first real estate investment together, they bought a flat in the city of Beer-Sheva for 30,000 U.S dollars with only 3,000 U.S dollars of ready cash. The investment proved to be a very profitable one, news spread by word of mouth and soon family members and friends were imploring the two to find investment worthy properties for them in Beer-Sheva as well as provide full property management packages.
Today SDB manages hundreds of real estate assets in Beer-Sheva for investors.

SDB – Continues activity in USA

After an initial period of great success, the pair began searching for a region of operation outside Israel. They flew abroad and after a long scouting process identified high potential in Atlanta Georgia U.S.A.
It was post subprime financial crisis era and local banks were selling foreclosed properties. Firstly, in Israel, Dan and Srulik bought an asset for themselves, then they implemented the successful investment management model they had developed operating in Beer-Sheva’s real estate market.
Nowadays SDB manages hundreds of single-family home type properties in Atlanta for investors.

Gathering invaluable experience over several years of operation in Atlanta Dan and Srulik had become closely familiar with the American real estate market. They identified a trend, as a result of the subprime crisis few new real estate projects were initiated, this was changing, new projects began reappearing. Following in depth analysis designed to help locate the most preferable region for investment, Brooklyn New York was found to possess extremely high potential for generating substantial capital gains.

SDB Today

Nowadays SDB initiates and builds hundreds of housing units in dozens of projects around the U.S.A in areas where demand is high such as New York and Los Angeles. Among the company’s clients are a wide range of fully satisfied investors, high profile as well as private, who’ve added to their investment portfolios carefully analyzed, handpicked real estate assets.
SDB is unique in its ability to identify real estate market trends at their very beginning and then formulate medium and long-term investment strategies accordingly.  In this way when the American real estate market moved from steep price drops towards recovery SDB was there to begin purchasing homes in Atlanta Georgia for Israeli investors. In the same way, once initiation of new real estate projects in Brooklyn became highly attractive the company moved into project initiation and began executing construction projects.

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