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Your Gateway to Spain's awaking Real-Estate Market

Identifying potential and opportunity for investment

Economy - The 5th largest economy in Europe, 46 million inhabitants

Currency - The Euro's low value allows for great purchase opportunities

Business Security Index - On the rise for the first time in four years!

Low Inflation rate - Only around 1%

Tourism - Some 75 million tourists visit Spain every year

Why Malaga offers such a unique investment opportunity?


A rise of 10.95% in the total real estate deals conducted in the first half of 2017 in comparison to the first half of 2016


A rise of 21.19% in the price to one meter square of second-hand apartments market


The number of building permits issued in 2016 was 47% higher than in 2015


4.12% rise in apartment prices in the first and second quarter of 2017


The city enjoys large demand on part of European investors who are responsible for 51% of all new construction in Malaga

Choosing a location with the highest potential for betterment (Completed)

Forming a business plan with leading experts (Completed)

Purchase of property

within 45 days

Submitting plans and obtaining a building permit from local authorities

within 6 months

Renovation of apartments and reselling

within 12 months

Security Range

6 months

Purchase of existing property, renovation and reselling at high profit within an estimated period of just 24 months!

Purchase and renovation of an historic 3 story building

The building has a lovely patio well designed entrance and 8 apartments of different sizes

The building's architecture is unique its overall area is 889 meters square

The project is located adjacent to the city's major most visited shopping boulevard - CALLE LARIOS

Spain's Real-Estate Market is Back on the Rise

Prices of apartments in central areas of most cities are approaching their pre-crisis value, rental and mortgage markets are growing, hotel room and resort vacation rates are surging.

Although Spain’s real estate market has a long way to go before it reaches record highs from before the 2008 crisis – few could have predicted the scale of recovery it is experiencing today.

The revival of its real estate market has helped turn Spain into one of Europe’s most booming economies with a predicted growth of 3% in 2017. Construction is responsible for some 10% of the country’s GNP.

Malaga’s Real Estate Market is Growing

Spain’s resort city of Malaga, located in the Andalucía region at the southern tip of Spain, is the gateway to the famous beaches of Costa Del Sol and is a starting point for visits to this well-loved tourist destination.

2014 was a pivot year, real estate prices began rising, slowly at first, they have not reached pre-crisis values and are far from exhausting their full potential.

Interest from European investors along with low prices and a slump in the Euro’s value has reawakened  Malaga’s real estate market.

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