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About the company

About the company


Our Story

Sharolik Hanoch and Dan Lieberman, founders and co-directors of SDB, are two childhood friends who began their business activities by purchasing an apartment in Be'er Sheva, and went on to manage thousands of apartments in various projects in Israel and in various countries around the world. After several years of intensive activity in Atlanta, Dan and Shroulik gained experience, seniority and a deepening familiarity with the American market, noticing the trend that after a long period of time no new projects were built due to the crisis, new projects began to be built. After a thorough examination and analysis for a preferred investment area. when entrepreneurial projects are located in the largest cities in the USA. Today, SDB owns a portfolio of tens of properties worth hundreds of millions of dollars in the USA, Great Britain and Spain, which generate an effective return for its clients.

Our Method

Our method works on the relative advantage that a group that wants to invest has when it has a professional and skilled back who knows how to lead and bring results in the field. And in simpler language, SDB's investment method is based on 5 key principles: Focus on locating properties with potential for improvement in prime locations. Connection with a local partner with a rich track record and proven experience in the field of real estate. Raising capital for investors - raising the necessary capital and completing the capital from a local bank. Entry into investment in short periods of 18-36 months. Full protection mechanism for investors through a legal envelope.

Our Service

SDB makes projects abroad accessible and actually neutralizes the geographical distance limit for the Israeli investor. When you invest with us, you receive an uncompromising envelope of support, transportation and accompaniment. Business development department - locating opportunities in the global real estate market. Analysis department - examination and examination of the local partner, the economic viability of the project. The legal department - a complete legal envelope that includes accompaniment for investors. Marketing and sales department - managing the capital raising process and promoting the project according to a conservative business plan. Financial support department - tracking, monitoring and monitoring the progress of the project. Investor relations department - periodic reporting to investors. Finance department - distribution of profits to investors according to their share in the investment.

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